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Suspended Electromagnets

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MSI’s electromagnets are used in applications where a stronger magnetic field is required due to suspension height, belt speed, or customer preference. These magnets are especially popular for protection of downstream equipment in conveyor systems, including crushers, bark hogs, and even the conveyor belts themselves.

All of our suspended electromagnets are oil-filled and utilize state-of-the-art anodized aluminum coils, expansion tanks, and solid core construction for maximum performance and longevity. MSI uses only top-of-the-line components (bearings, motors, reducers) to improve service with minimal down-time.

Our electromagnets are available in both manual clean and self-cleaning designs, and can be mounted cross-belt or in-line with the conveyor belts they protect. As with our permanent magnets, we offer a range of belting and drive system options for our self-cleaning units.

In the majority of applications, customers choose to take advantage of MSI’s robust power supplies. These, too, are available in a number of options, including various cabinets (Nema 4 standard) and voltage inputs for our customers around the world.

As with all of our products, MSI offers FREE TESTING of customer samples and provides custom solutions for applications which do not fit into our standard offerings.

Anodized aluminum coils have a 10-YEAR WARRANTY against burnout!

Product Options

Manual Clean Suspended Electromagnet

Manual Clean

Suspended electromagnets are easily cleaned by placing a drop cloth or tarp under the magnet and turning the magnet off.

Self Clean Suspended Electromagnet


To increase magnet effectiveness, suspended self-cleaning magnets are used for high tramp metal volume to prevent ferrous build-up on the magnet face. These magnets are available with a number of options for the drive, belt, and even tramp discharge.

Product Details

Product Specifiations


  • Solid cores
  • Heavy-duty side walls and backplate
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel faceplate (available in manganese for the most extreme applications)
  • Anodized aluminum coils
  • Oil-filled with insulated transformer oil
  • Expansion tanks, standard

Sizes Available

  • 18” to 72” belt widths
  • Up to 26” suspension heights
  • Custom sizes
  • Application-specific designs

Magnet Dimensions Depends On

  • Belt width
  • Suspension height
  • Belt speed
  • Burden depth/type
  • Tramp metal targets


  • Heavy-duty rubber
  • Stainless steel cladding
  • 2” SBR cleats (standard)
  • Alternative cleats and materials available

Drive Options

  • Electric in various configurations
  • Hydraulic
  • Custom configurations

Popular Options

  • Guidlers for steep inclines
  • Customized mounting options
  • Carry-over magnetic sections for discharging material away from the conveyor
  • Various belt speeds (popular for inline applications)
  • Speed switches
  • Single point lubrication
  • Turnbuckles and chains

Suspended Electromagnet Technical Data Sheet

Click on the link below or the embedded PDF to view the product tech sheet. Full screen and PDF download options are available.

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