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MSI’s magnetic pulley separators are an excellent means of providing magnetic separation or tramp protection on conveyor belt systems. These separators take advantage of the existing conveyor system by “holding” ferrous materials against the belt while non-ferrous materials continue on their normal trajectory. As the pulley rotates, the ferrous materials rotate with it. These materials are then discharged when the returning belt begins to break away from the head pulley. Because MSI’s magnetic head pulleys provide magnetic coverage from the bottom of the burden, they are very useful when used in combination with overhead magnetic separators that provide magnetic coverage above the burden. In magnetic conveying applications, these same magnetic pulleys can be used as rollers to transfer steel and other ferrous materials.

MSI Ferrous PulleyNot all pulleys are created equal. In fact, within a fixed diameter and face width, there are dozens if not hundreds of potential magnetic circuits to choose from. MSI’s magnetic head pulleys can be designed for specific applications, even separating one type of magnetic material from another. This is especially helpful for sorting and categorizing different materials in recycling applications. MSI’s FREE TESTING allows customers to determine the type of pulley necessary to achieve desired results to make informed decisions and purchase with confidence.

Product Details

Product Specifications


  • Ceramic
  • Rare earth (N50 and N52 grades standard, high temperature, and others available)
  • Alnico
  • Hybrids and combinations


  • 2” to 48” diameters
  • 2” to 72” face width
  • Custom sizes available


  • Lagging (crowned, plain, herringbone, chevron, etc.)
  • Radial or axial circuits
  • Customized magnetic circuits for specific applications
  • Custom shaft configurations
  • Crowning or tracking band
  • High quality XT hubs and bushings

Magnetic Pulley Technical Data Sheet

Click on the link below or the embedded PDF to view the product tech sheet. Full screen and PDF download options are available.

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