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Suspended Permanent Magnets

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MSI’s suspended permanent magnets are built for demanding, heavy-duty industrial applications and can be used for separation or tramp metal removal. Suspended permanent magnets are an excellent choice for conveyor belts carrying moderate burden depths and belt speeds where electromagnets are not needed. These magnets are especially helpful in the removal of larger tramp material where other types of magnetic separators may struggle.

Manual clean, permanent magnets offer an affordable solution when tramp material is infrequent, though for best performance, permanent magnets should be kept free of tramp material. The self-cleaning option works to continuously keep the magnet free of unwanted ferrous, especially helpful in recycling applications, when tramp materials may be more frequent, or when magnets cannot be manually serviced on a regular basis.

Available in a variety of strengths and sizes, MSI’s permanent suspended magnets can be engineered for specific applications with a variety of suspension and drive options specific to customer preferences. MSI’s FREE TESTING allows customers to make informed decisions before purchasing.

Product Options

Manual Clean

Manual clean magnets are generally used in applications where tramp metal volume is low. These are available with manually operating cleaning mechanisms such as swipe arms or slide trays.



To increase magnet effectiveness, suspended self-cleaning magnets are used for high tramp metal volume to prevent ferrous build-up on the magnet face. These magnets are available with a number of options for the drive, belt, and even tramp discharge.



Product Details

Product Specifications


  • Ceramic
  • Rare earth
  • Alnico
  • Hybrids and combinations

Sizes Available

  • 12” to 72” belt widths
  • Up to 16” suspension heights with custom heights available
  • Custom sizes
  • Application-specific designs

Magnet Dimensions Depends On

  • Belt width
  • Suspension height
  • Belt speed
  • Burden depth/type
  • Tramp metal targets


  • Heavy-duty 2-ply rubber
  • Stainless steel cladding
  • 2” SBR cleats (standard)
  • Alternative cleats and materials available

Drive Options

  • Electric in various configurations
  • Hydraulic
  • Custom configurations

Popular Options

  • Belt guards
  • Guidlers for steep inclines
  • Customized mounting options
  • Carry-over magnetic sections for discharging material away from the conveyor
  • Taper-off magnetic sections for easier discharge
  • Various belt speeds (popular for inline applications)
  • Speed switches
  • Single point lubrication
  • Turnbuckles and chains

Suspended Permanent Magnet Technical Data Sheet

Click on the link below or the embedded PDF to view the product tech sheet. Full screen and PDF download options are available.

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